Album: Assurance of Things Hoped For

Sound Christocentric music that will heal, inspire, and teach (HIT) you to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength; To love yourself as God loves you; And to love your neighbor as God loves him/her.

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What a Love
Duration: 5:13

Faithful Is He Who Has Called Us Duration: 4:15

Blessed Is The Man
Duration: 4:59

One Thing
Duration: 3:30

Jehovah Chereb
Duration: 2:46

Even Our Faith
Duration: 3:59

Duration: 3:27

Because of His Anointing
Duration: 4:34

In Your Presence
Duration: 4:32

This Is The Kindness Of God
Duration: 5:16

Album: Yu Hai (He's Alive)

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Yu Hai
Duration: 3:28

Injili Yake Yesu
Duration: 4:16

Tuwafundishe Kushika
Duration: 4:12

Karibu Bwana Wa Mabwana
Duration: 3:27

Pindo La Vazi Lake
Duration: 4:43

Makao Yetu
Duration: 4:14

Umeturithisha Wokovu
Duration: 4:10

Niende Kwa Nani?
Duration: 3:32

Hakuna Jina Jingine
Duration: 3:20

Ufanikiwe Kwa Mambo Yote
Duration: 4:38