Health and Wellness

This is a comprehensive, transformational, primary care service, focusing on optimizing your overall health and well-being. We address your specific health concerns as related to the nine dimensions of wellness, utilizing the fundamentals of Internal and Lifestyle medicine. 

I am here to help, facilitate and guide you in your Health, Energy, and Longevity, so that you can pursue your life’s Passions. #Altogetherwell, #HELP. Thank you!


Internal Medicine

Specialized in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illnesses of adult patients, involving the:

  • Heart,
  • Lung,
  • Stomach and digestion
  • Kidneys,
  • Blood and Cancer
  • Infections,
  • Hormones – such as diabetes, thyroid, 
  • Joints and muscles,
  • Inflammation and autoimmune conditions
  •  Head and mentation, and nerves

Helping adult patients manage multiple chronic complex conditions. Working in collaboration with other specialists. 

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle is the cause, hence the solution, for most health problems.

Offering guidance and support for prevention, and reversal of chronic Lifestyle-related health conditions. The focus is in the following areas, and is in conjunction with internal medicine:

  • Nutrition, 
  • Weight management, 
  • Sleep health
  • Physical activity and exercise,
  • Tobacco cessation,
  • Alcohol cessation
  • Mental and Emotional well-being

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