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I am Dr. Rose Ngishu, certified by the American board of  Internal Medicine. I also incorporate Lifestyle Medicine, wellness coaching, and to a lesser extent Functional medicine in my practice. I work with adult patients, to empower them to prevent, treat, and/or reverse their acute and chronic health problems.  I have over 25 years of cumulative clinical experience, having started my healthcare career in 1998 as a certified nurse’s assistant. I also worked for about 15 years as a registered nurse (retired,) and in hospital management, prior to becoming a physician.  

As a female African immigrant, I can talk to you ad nauseam about adverse childhood events,  social determinants of health, stress, and many such related topics. As a hands-on, tenured health care professional, I can also elaborate immensely on the shortcomings of our current healthcare system; the failed sick-care-model, the poor access to care for certain populations, the multiple concurrent pandemics – Covid19, mental illness, obesity, etcetera. We can talk about the environmental issues that threaten our long-term survival, and the urgent need for everyone to take personal responsibility for their health, and the need to be accountable to society at large.  However, that won’t really matter unless and until we feel good, are safe, and we receive exceptional care when needed, while saving time and money in the long run. Many of my patients desire to receive legitimate health education, presented in a manner they can easily understand, to clear-up some of the confusion and misinformation ubiquitous out there. Well, I am ready to help you with any and all these issues, and any others that you may have. My ongoing training, education and personal experiences have prepared me to meet my patients where they are.  Together, we can overcome the obstacles standing in their way to wellness. Together, we can utilize a root-cause approach to diagnosis, and a holistic approach to treatment and management. I equip and guide my patients with the knowledge and tools necessary for them to pursue health, wellness, and to enjoy an abundant life.

Book an appointment at my clinic in Greenville, TX. Phone 903-408-5800.

Let me empower you to HELP – Health, Energy, and Longevity, so that you can  pursue your life’s Passions. #Altogetherwell #HELP. Thank you!


She doesn’t look at an existing medical issue in isolation but takes a more holistic approach with her patients.She cared for my shingles, but more importantly, she cared for me,asking me questions regarding my exercise patterns, sleep habits, and other things going on in my life. She listened intently to my concerns and stressors. She emphasized the importance of rest, diet, and healthy practices in living life. I love her approach to caring for her patients.

Charlene Client

Dr. Ngishu is very intelligent and caring. I’m 67 years old and she is the best doctor I’ve ever had. When I first saw her, I could barely walk with a walker, now I walk with a cane. Miracle worker in my eyes!

James Designation

The initial meeting was refreshing, as she took time to visit with us about my husband’s general lifestyle, what he enjoyed doing, his health history, and our family. She exudes medical competence and a sincere sense of caring for the overall care and health of her patients.

Charlotte Client

With so many sensitivities and concerns I have about medications, Dr. Ngishu helped get me the ones I could tolerate and afford.

Ernest Client

I have been helping my friend who has a genetic disorder, and has been in severe pain, fatigue, and depression for years, has seen many doctors and specialists but never really been able to have a quality life. Within one month of seeing Dr. Ngishu,was up and helping me clean the house. I have not seen my friend do that in years.

Maria Client